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Default Re: 5900 ultra 256 not scoring right numbers HELP plz!

Originally Posted by SurgeDS
So your saying my Nvidia 5900 ultra 256 , a card that i bought for almost $500 dollars 1 year ago is crap compared to a $70 dollar 9500 pro or even over clocked 9200 pro for $50 bucks?

..............Does anybody want to buy my card for 200 bucks? Its still got its package (retali box) and works great. Its only been over clock for about 3 hours and i am about to restore everything to defult.
Hm, I woudlnt competley judge yoru cards score on 3dmark05,

If the games that you are currently playing are fine, keep it, but if you really want to upgrade you could sell your card and buy a new one, but again i woudlnt base it on 3dmark05.
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