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Default Re: 5900 ultra 256 not scoring right numbers HELP plz!

Originally Posted by SurgeDS
So your saying my Nvidia 5900 ultra 256 , a card that i bought for almost $500 dollars 1 year ago is crap compared to a $70 dollar 9500 pro or even over clocked 9200 pro for $50 bucks?

..............Does anybody want to buy my card for 200 bucks? Its still got its package (retali box) and works great. Its only been over clock for about 3 hours and i am about to restore everything to defult.

No its not crap, it just doesn't perform well with DX9 shaders.

I have a 5900nu and I like it a lot, but I only paid 200 bucks for it a year ago. Worth every cent IMO.
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