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Default Re: 5900 ultra 256 not scoring right numbers HELP plz!

Originally Posted by SurgeDS
I am playing far cry right now. Maybe like in 2 months, i will start playing CS source.

I have a couple of questions for Far Cry.

* Right now, i am running direct x9c (newst one) should i change that to like direct 8? will it improve my proformace?

* I forgot, which rez does 5900 ultra 256 proformes better, @ 1024 by 768 in far cry or 800 by 600 ? Which rez will the card play better in? I have a 17 inch lcd flat screen deal so it doesnt matter to me what rez, i would want to stick to the best rez my card would handle.


p.s i just installed VXG.win2kxp.NV3x.71.20c driver and my score went up to 1382 but my temp also went up 10% which is now is at 50% total. Is that too hot? I made it so the fan is on 24-7 since i just bought a 550 power supply.

Thanks for the help guys.
You should cara about resolution, as LCDs only have one native resolution which is 1280x1024 or 1024x768 for most 17".

I haven't played far-cry but I play doom3 at 1024x768 with medium quality settings and half-life in dx9 mode at 800x600.

You should always have the latest directX version.
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