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Default Re: Blizzard, Worse login server for a mmorpg I have ever seen.

LOL you say WoW's fighting is fast paced? It's about as craptastic as EQ1, the fighting animations are uninspiring, immersion is nil compared to EQ2's voiced-over NPCs, and the spells are weak looking. Oh wow, a fireball smaller than my foot come flying out of my hand, sweet! WoW is not fast paced fighting, it just has a bigger boost in xp, the fighting is no faster than EQ1 IMO, at least when you're dungeon crawling in EQ2 it feels a lot more exciting, maybe its because the game actually takes advantage of sweet bump mapping and next gen graphics I can't picture WoW being around for more than a year, most PC games say it's an awesome game, but they all feel the same that it will fizzle out after a year because of lack of content for people at higher levels and the speed at which everyone levels, and the size of the world....

Let's not forget that WoW is targetted to casual gamers, hence the mad xp boost compared to EQ2, yet another reason I don't see this lasting long.

Sorry but WoW isn't a game for the future, nothing is new about it, the only reason its even given this much hype is because of the name slapped onto it. If it were some no name company, same premise, it would get laughed at. Whereas EQ2 doesn't depend solely on it's lable, but rather on the graphics and innovative gameplay in it.
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