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Default Re: Blizzard, Worse login server for a mmorpg I have ever seen.

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Hey, I "Love" World of Warcraft, They took my server down (with several others) this morning, and are doing emergency maitenence to fix the stability issues we've been having. If they can fix the stability issues. My problems with the game will really be down to class balance ((Priests need buffed K thx! ^^)

But other than its a pretty stellar game. This post was really just about my total disdain for WoW's current server status. And IMO is completely unacceptable as is. If they can fix it. I expect my opinion to vastly improve.
Yeah, I like it too but I have the same problems as you. I was talking about people who crapped all over the thread with "OMG WOW SERVS SUCk AN EQ@ IZ BETTAR.1!!" I thought the topic was valid and worth discussing.

Originally Posted by Sorrow
Sorry but WoW isn't a game for the future, nothing is new about it, the only reason its even given this much hype is because of the name slapped onto it.
No, people enjoy playing the game because it's fun to play. Everything you said is entirely subjective. Obviously you like Everquest 2 better. Good for you. I like WoW better. Let's leave it at that.
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