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Default change from monitor to screen without restarting X


I'll try to explain want is my current config and what I want to have

My PC :
Redhat 8.0
kernel 2.4.18-18.8.0 (i686, intel P4)
nvidia last linux drivers (1.0-4191 linux IA32)
Geforce 3 (no twinview)

I have installed the nvidia drivers and they work fine (I had some problems to configure it but now it work fine and I have not seen any bug yet) even TVout

for the moment I boot linux with runlevel 3
then i login
then I use 2 XF86config files, 1 for monitor and the other 1 for TV (XF86config.mon et and I overwrite the Xf86config file with the one I want to use

But all this is not so easy to use, so I there a way :
- to switch between XF86config files without restarting X
- or to have both starting on boot and switch between them (for example with a Ctrl+Alt+F*)

thank for anyone who can help

(sorry my english isn't very good)
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