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This is why I hated Dell for. They can have the same model number but differ firmware. Depends when you buy them. Same thing goes with the servers. Ghost may not work, although they are the same specs and model (Perc SCSI had many different versions of firware). We have had a lot of problems in this regard.

Here is the hardware spec of my C840.
1 0120C Insert,Blank,PC Memory Card Intl. Assoc.,CP/CPX
1 0J747 Processor,80532,1.6GHZ,512K,Pentium 4,UPGA
1 433MR Assembly,Cover,Hinge,Plastic,Lonsdale
1 4M778 Battery,Primary,14.8V,8C,Malaysia Direct Ship,SANYO
1 6G141 Pipe,Height,Thin,FINS,Comaneci and Avanti (shared parts),Pong Adds/Cohiba
1 146CM Assembly,Cable,FLX,15,SXGA+-UXGA,Lonsdale/Lavaca
1 3J010 Assembly,Base (Assembly or Group),Bottom,C840,Compal,PCTel
1 3K552 Liquid Crystal Display,Ultra Extended Graphics Array,Standard Panels Working Group,BMV,15,IBM
1 4C895 Assembly,Bezel,Liquid Crystal Display,15.0,Lonsdale,Ultra Extended Graphics Array
1 7R055 Assembly,Cover,TOP,Liquid Crystal Display,15,C840/M50
1 3G859 Assembly,Cable,Bay (Drive Bay),C810,United States
1 3G939 Assembly,Floppy Drive,1.44M,3.5" Form Factor,Controller/No Cable,TEAC,Notebook
1 6G356 Adapter,Alternating Current,External,20V,90W,3W,Power Factor Correction
1 3J247 Keyboard,87,United States,Comaneci and Avanti (shared parts),United States
1 0F452 Case,Carrying,Leather,Notebook,CLASSIC
2 4K122 Dual In-Line Memory Module,128,266,16X64,8K,200
1 3R091 Subassembly,Compact Disk Drive,24X,IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics),Samsung,SIDE,V4
1 48CVX Assembly,Carrier,Hard Drive,Lonsdale/Lavaca
1 6J987 Hard Drive,20GB,IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics),2.5" Form Factor,9.5MM,IBM-CSD
1 8267R Connector,Header,2X22,Female,2,S,Gold,35K,Third Height,Chip Set
1 1F756 Kit,Software,Overpack,Windows 2000 Professional,SP2,5.25" Form Factor,England/English
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