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Default Re: Blizzard, Worse login server for a mmorpg I have ever seen.

Diablo II is not meant to have lasting appeal, it has ancient 2d graphics, hackers, kiddies, and bots all over the place, that game won't sell one copy, the gameplay is crappy and it will cause blizzard to go out of business. Oh Wait, what you say? It sold over 2 million copies? Because people can play it on there PII 500? The gamplay is not as bad as we thought? Magic Finding is highly addictive? But look at those graphics they look like ass! /sigh

Dude you don't know wtf your talking about, WoW has MASS appeal, it already has like 3x more subscribers then EQ2. It's not going anywhere for a long long time. And you don't honestly think Blizzard is going to just sit on it and not release expansions. If you havent noticed wow's world is extremly low poly, and I wouldent be surprized if their world craft technology isent unlike a War3 map generator. They could release expansions in rapid fashion making the world massive.
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