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Default Re: Blizzard, Worse login server for a mmorpg I have ever seen.

Originally Posted by Elderblaze
I forgot to mention what might seem like the obvious, but blizzard is much smaller then soe, and they do have at least 2x the subscriber base. It would cost them alot more in bandwidth to push out patches, with less money to spend on it to boot.

Um, No.... Blizzard is as large as SOE... not Sony but SOE. If you look at the Parent companies then, ya Sony would own Vivendi Universal in a money throwing contest. Blizzard is probably one of the most popular developers in Korea, They can sell a can of crap as long as it has the Blizzard name on it.

Zone engines are very plug in play (as you put it), Just remodel the zone offline and then throw it on the server, every player will get an instant download of that zone in the next logon, no need to even tell them about it. Makes for great suprises (Still remember SOE's Holloween on EQ a few years back...)
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