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Default Re: Petition for car forum section

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Same goes for pushrod I-4 engines. My dearly departed '92 Cavalier required only minor, inexpensive maintenance in its lifetime. Hell, the way that car was running when it was totaled, I'd probably still be driving it today (with nearly 200,000 miles on the odo).

There's a very good reason why the SBC (Small Block Chevy) and 302 Ford's are still the prefered motors for Hot Rodders, budget racers and professional sports car teams.

Pushrods aren't the low-tech hilly-billy solutions people make them out to be. You don't need to rev to 9,000 RPM's when you make all of your torque by 7000. It saves gas and it's less stress on the motor components. Win/Win.
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