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Default Re: Blizzard, Worse login server for a mmorpg I have ever seen.

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
Your coming off like a blizzard fan... ontop of your high horse...
No, I'm a veteran of the game. Anyone with a pulse could beat the single player campaign. It's multiplayer where the fun is, and I guarantee you'd last about 5 minutes in any 1 on 1 game by having your hero "patrol your base". It demonstrates a lack of understanding of how to play the game, hence, in my opinion, invalidating your criticism of it. It's like complaining that your computer can't scramble your eggs for you. And I hate to break it to you, but since you're the one who brought up the whole "Blizzard sucks" topic, you're the one coming off as a fanboy here.
Originally Posted by Ghosthunter
my biggest gripes with WoW, on top of all the lag and server issues..was the game was just too beta was able to level 60 in a week or so..

tradeskills too easy..

and i never grouped once...because everyone wants to solo since more XP..
Sorry, aside from your mention of server issues, you are either exaggerating to an extreme or just completely making that up. Leveling to 60 in a week? Never grouped once? Sorry, that's impossible. Not hard, not extremely difficult, IMPOSSIBLE. I'm sorry, maybe not impossible - it's technically possible if you did not sleep, eat, or do anything other than play the game for the entire week 24 hours a day. Even then, it'd be extraordinarily difficult. Since no one plays the game like this except freaks or spoiled kids with no responsibilities, it's hardly a just comment about the game.
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