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Default Re: MSI GeForce FX5700 (256mb) problem

Something like this happened to me on my 5900xt, however, all I had to do was shut down and start up again.

You can rule out your CPU, and probably your ram.
If the artifacts are weird colored characters (pink smileys and stuff) that show before windows starts (during post), then a roll back or reinstall of windows will have no impact.

In that case, it's either the mobo, the video card or PSU.
Both the mobo and video card have bioses. Make sure you flashed properly, using the right dos flash tool from abit for the mobo. Even then, I'd think it's not the bioses that are the culprits.

I think it's either overheating, bad voltages or bad video ram. Bad voltages would be caused by your Enemax PSU. Bad video ram would be your video card giving up.

Again, if it happens before Windows Loads, then windows is not to blame, neither are the drivers.

I bet on the video card being near failure. This happened to me 3 times, with varying hardware over 3 years, everytime I just had to reboot and I didn't give it more thought. Freak voltage fluctuation maybe.

But since it happens often to you, mobo or video card or PSU has a problem.

Things you should do is run memtest86 for an hour to see if your CPU and ram are indeed fine. Touch you PSU to make sure it's not warmer than it should be. Check to see that the FX5700's fan is spinning. Test your video card in another comp. If all is fine in another comp for like a day, 3dmark03-01 would be a good test of the card, then it's your mobo or PSU.

I've been hanging around comps for a long time, but I don't know everything. So these are speculations.
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