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Default Re: MSI GeForce FX5700 (256mb) problem

Thanks for the info. I think the problem started when I was messing around in the bios trying to OC the computer, video, and memory. Not sure though. The computer is also watercooled. No fans, except some case fans. Is there a way to reset everything, or clear everything and start over fresh? By clear, i mean, reset the mobo, video card, and whatever else back to original factory setting?

One more thing... MSI provides a 3d overclocking utility which displays the current settings for the video card. This program worked fine a couple of months ago, now when I run it all the current settings display NA (not available...i guess) or display nothing about the card at all... this is strange.

Do you think restoring the computer back a couple of months would help?? I know the computer worked fine back in November.

Thank you for your help.

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