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Default Re: Which brand of 6600 or 6800 series card do you own?

Originally Posted by Johnny C
eVga 6800Gt, I modded the bios the day after I got it. Runs perfect. I have decent scores in benchmarks and it works great for gaming. Imho the BFG and eVga are probably the ways to go as they are usually in stock and I got mine the day after I ordered it. The BFG has lifetime warranty, so if you're not overclocking it's a good solution. Both cards are virutally the same price. I did however get a copy of doom3 with my card so that's kindof an insentive to buy eVga. eVga tech support is fast and concise. However, stock cooling sucked and I replaced it with an NV-5 which keeps the temps very low. ohhh and Btw max overclock stable was 432 core and 1249 memory. No need to run it like that except for benching.

Hope this helps
What bios mod did you use and will it work fine with stock cooling. I hit a brick wall with my eVGA at 405 core and 1110 memory. I want to go higher. How do I flash the bios and what are the benefits of it. Once again, all I can have right now is stock cooling so will a bios flash be worth it for me?
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