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Default Re: MSI GeForce FX5700 (256mb) problem

Originally Posted by mcv50
Thanks for the info. I think the problem started when I was messing around in the bios trying to OC the computer, video, and memory. Not sure though. The computer is also watercooled. No fans, except some case fans. Is there a way to reset everything, or clear everything and start over fresh? By clear, i mean, reset the mobo, video card, and whatever else back to original factory setting?
Well, resetting the bios settings (can usually be done in the bios menu) or through a jumper on the mobo. Not likely to be the cause of your problem, unless your AGP/PCI ratios are set to something else than 66/33.

One more thing... MSI provides a 3d overclocking utility which displays the current settings for the video card. This program worked fine a couple of months ago, now when I run it all the current settings display NA (not available...i guess) or display nothing about the card at all... this is strange.
Yes, I have an MSI too, since this is only software, I'm guessing the files for it are either missing or corrupt. This is not a very useful software, it actually tends to odownclock the memory back to defaults for no reason. This is not a big problem.

Do you think restoring the computer back a couple of months would help?? I know the computer worked fine back in November.

Thank you for your help.
In my opinion, if this reset is software only (windows drivers), no. Unless that MSI tool is overclocking your card without knowing, use coolbits, rivatuner or everest to check. An overclock on the video card is done through software in windows. Overclocks on CPU/RAM is done in mobo bios. Don't flash anything, just reset the options to default. Make sure video is not overclocked in windows. Run memtest86 to test everything except video.

But I need to know if you see the graphical corruption before loading windows. (in the bios, at post, etc)
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