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Originally posted by stevnb
The system in question is loaded with a linux load configured and by our development dept. for use with the point of sale software we manufacture and distribute. As such, I must use the system on the kernel level that they are distributing into the field.
Does this also mean you don't have root access to the machine? If so, no nVidia drivers will work, at all.

If not, if you do have root access, then take note that the nVidia drivers do in fact change your kernel!

When you load external kernel modules, your kernel changes. It may not affect anything, but it might. You would need to do more testing, which may not mean anything is out of the ordinary -- if this box is getting the drivers for testing purposes. If not, though, then you will have to consider that.

If you really don't care anymore, then just download the script that's on the download page of whatever driver you are going to install (3123 or 4191), and run it to tell you which files to download. No need to go checking CPU or whatever, it will do that. Simply sh to run it.
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