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Default 6600gt agp Xv Overlay problems...

Hi all,
Xv does not seem to use hardware overlay to show video no matter what I do (I have tried many option combinations in xorg.conf). Running xvinfo finds two video adapters - "NV17 Video Texture" and "NV05 Video Blitter". Xine and mplayer default to the first one, which I'm assuming is using the 3d hardware to render video. It wouldn't even be too much of a problem but the "NV17 Video Texture" adapter does not let me alter color settings, as hardware overlay normally would.

This wouldn't be related TwinView since I have only one display (a Dell 2001fp LCD) hooked up. I guess the 6600gt might be too new, since my old fx5600 used overlay just fine, albeit with the 61.11 drivers. The overlay also works for the 6600gt in Windows.

I have no other troubles with the new drivers - Doom3 works well.

My system:
Slackware 10 (but the same thing happened on Gentoo)
Xorg 6.8.1 on fluxbox
nvidia 66.29 driver
kernel 2.4.26

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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