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Default Re: why does linux work this way ?!!

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
All OS's do it the same way. All device drivers are loaded into the kernel space. In the case of linux you have the option of compiling the drivers right into the kernel which streamlines it better rather than loading them as a separate module. With windows that is your only option.
That is simply not true for Windows. In Windows there is something called the HAL, the hardware abstraction layer, which separates the kernel from most drivers. Most meaning everything but graphics drivers.

The general instability of the Windows 95/98 "kernels" was due to their being let's say Linux-like in giving all drivers access to the kernel and thus letting a driver bringing down the machine. NT kernels don't do that - NT4 especially does not even have the graphics drivers exception and thus is pretty stable kernel-wise.
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