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Default Re: MSI GeForce FX5700 (256mb) problem

Thanks Daneel,

Yesterday I restored the computer to November 1, 2004, and I also switched the video card output from the analog to the digital. What do you know... the problem seemed to have been fixed. Then I tried to restore to a more recent time because HL2 and cs:source were not installed on Nov 1. When I did this the problem came back, through the digital output. I am at work now, but the computer is currently being restored to Nov 1 again. If this solves my problem then I could say it was a windows software issue, otherwise I contacted MSI and they are willing to RMA the card for repairs.

Do you think it might be a direct x problem? How can I check this? What program would you recommend to try and figure out what the problem is?

Thanks again.

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