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Default 1600x1200@24?

I've got, per dmesg, a "NVidia Riva Ultra Vanta TNT2 graphics accelerator." I was able to get it up and running just fine under Nvidia's driver, but I can't seem to get to 1600x1200@24bpp anymore. It seems to default to 800x600, and with some serious fiddling I can get to 1600x1200@8bpp. Using the "IgnoreEDID" option got me some rather Christmasy colors, but an otherwise non-functional display, so that didn't seem to be the way to go.

The curious thing is that, under XFree86-4's "nv" driver, I could run 1600x1200@24 no problem. In fact, that's what I'm running as I write this.

I can post any additional details needed, but I guess for starters, is anyone successfully running this driver at 1600x1200@24?

Thanks in advance.
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