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Default Re: Barton 3000+ to 64 3500+ quick results

Originally Posted by Marcos
everything @ stock speed
3dmark 2001:

3000+ = 14xxx
3500+ = 22xxx


3000+ = 44xxx
3500+ = 62xxx

Doom timedemo 1280x1024 2x aa

3000+ = 40.x fps
3500+ = 56.x fps

thats all i can remember right now. im not at home so i cant recall the specifics.
Well I have to say that your Doom3 score alone proves that it was worth it. You could even notch up the res and/or AA now (I guess).

I love the feeling of using a PC w/ an upgraded CPU. Everything just feels so much smoother and faster. From booting up to browsing the net to playing a game.
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