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Default Re: Some Investigation

Originally posted by LinuxRules
What I found was that things really start slowing down immediately after sub module vgahw is loaded.
So... don't load the vgahw module? Sounds like a plan to me... Though my system doesn't load "vgahw" anyway, so I wouldn't miss it. Anyone know what that module even does?

Originally posted by Deraj
I'm not an expert with threading and processes, but I'm thinking that this would support the race condition hypothesis, correct?
No, it wouldn't. A race condition is defined as what happens when 2 conditions hold (gotta love them pounding that into our heads in my Operating Systems class... ):[list=1][*]Two processes or threads, executing concurrently, are accessing a shared piece of data at the same time[*]The outcome can differ depending on the exact ordering of assembly instructions[/list=1] By this definition, high CPU utilization has nothing to do with a race at all, so I'm sort of confused as to what *both* of you mean when you say "a race condition"...
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