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Default Re: Fedora Core 3 and nVidia drivers - Solution

Tom, I had the same problem on Fedora Core 3 (same error message when trying slightly older drivers than the 6629.) I've even recompiled a new kernel (currently using 2.6.10 latest stable from ) to to avail.

It was not until I used the 6629 drivers AND followed Carl Brunes post ( ) did things work. I highly suggest checking his post and trying that after explictly following these install instructions located at , if your sure the drivers are installed properly, then try what Carl suggests.

After I followed the advice from and THEN followed the advice from Carl, then and only then did everything work as expected.

I hope this helps.

ps. I can still produce the same error (though I have no need to use other drivers as the 6629's finally work. Thanks to and Carl =)
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