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Default Re: Barton 3000+ to 64 3500+ quick results

Results of my upgrade from xp3200+(sktA,Barton)====>a64 3500+(939Newcastle)

3DMK05: 4,856====>4,864(much the same)

3DMK03: 11,399====>12,118

3DMK01: 18,151====>22,685

AquaMK3: 53,775====>64,995


Doom3: Timedemo1 'High Quality'
54.6====>57.7 fps

Painkiller: benchmark c5l2,Max Settings
90.0====>110.0 fps

HL2: Custom Timedemo 'airboat', High Detail,Reflect All
62.79====>68.67 fps

HL2: Timedemo 'Guru3D_demo5'
97.57====>103.56 fps

CS:Source VST
98.04====>105.00 fps

Call of Duty: Timedemo
134.7====>155.5 fps

Quake3: Timedemo 001
276====>313 fps

203====>233 fps

Far Cry: Research Demo
same score

Riddick: EFBB Custom Timedemo
same score

All the benchmarks were done with the same GFX card and driver (67.03)
All the games were benched @ 1280x1024,4AA,8AF set in Driver Panel
All the synthetic benchmarks were freeware versions and with AA and AF set to 'application controlled'
CPU and GPU were @ stock clocks in both setups
WinXP Home Edition SP2/Athlon 3500+Newcastle/MSI K8N Diamond/BFG7800GTX OC/Antec 550TrueControl 2.0/1GIG DDR400Kingmax/Acer AL2016W LCD/SB Live!/Audigy2 ZS

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