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Default nvidia drivers lock up xwindows

I have a geforce4 mx420 card and had a mandrake 9.0 install that worked fine with the generic nvidia drivers (Geforce 4 (generic)). Of course, these drivers didn't support opengl, so I downloaded and installed the 1.0-4191 kernel and glx drivers. I used to pick the correct files. I edited my XF86Config like the readme told me to. I started up x and everything seemed to work ok for a couple of min and then my system just locked. I could move the mouse, but when I tried clicking on windows/icons nothing happened. I then went back to the generic drivers and everything worked ok.

Just to test my install, I installed linux again. This time with RH 8.0. I also decided to compile the the correct drivers from the tar.gz files. I ran into the exact same problem again...the screen just freezes. No errors or anything. Anyone have any suggestions?

I doubt it's the card or hardware causing the problem because they run fine in win2k and in linux when I'm not using the drivers from nvidia.
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