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Originally Posted by Clay
By that logic, I suppose that I could waltz into a bank and yell out "ROB!!! ROB!!! ROB!!!" and expect the tellers, guards and customers to have a benign reaction. Riigght...
You could be looking for your friend Rob... I know what you mean though and I'm just being a smart ass...but still, even yelling "Robbery!" I don't think would be enough to warrant anything. Unless you said, "I AM HOLDING THIS BANK UP!" there is no threat. You could have been yelling that there was a robbery in progress or something. I'm looking at this at a legal standpoint and from some of the things criminals are able to get away with nowadays, all I'm saying is that saying "DIE!" to someone isn't enough to prove you're sending them threats unless you're standing next to them with a knife/gun/other weapon in hand.

C'mon man, I think I know you (based on your post history) better than that. If someone that you didn't know sent you an email that said the same thing...
I'm flattered. If I had gotten the same/similar email (and from what MikeC says, he got worse) I would be pissed. I don't think I would go to the authorities right away though. I think I would ridicule the person first, post them on the board, let everyone else make fun of him (like we are here ) and then see where it goes. Assuming it was some random person online that knows nothing other than my username...I wouldn't get too worried about them coming after me. Of course, if they sent me an email with my address and everything, yes, then I would worry.

It's up to the authorities to now. Anyone with a lick of sense knows better than do to what that guy did.
I agree it was a dumb thing to do, but would saying to you, CLAY YOU BLEEPGING BLEEP BLEEP! DIE DIE DIE!!! Be any different than going off on that asshat Randy Moss and saying, RANDY YOU BLEEPGING BLEEP BLEEP! DIE DIE DIE!!! in Muya's sports forum? Even saying, "I wish Randy Moss would die" doesn't inherently mean that I personally am going to cause his death. But still...I'm probably annoying you and MikeC by this point. I'm just playing Devil's advocate is all and as I said before: I'm not condoning or defending his behavior. The guy was obviously a dickweed and I'm glad he is not only gone but that the authorities take care of this and treat it as a death threat. The law works both ways, right?

Originally Posted by MikeC
Supeklye there were PM's that I received that was the deciding factor about Qballs.
Ah...okay. Like I said, I wasn't defending him or anything, I just didn't think that comment should be considered a death threat on its own. But regardless...Godspeed and good luck getting this douche in trouble with the 5-0.
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