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Originally Posted by Clay
NP superkyle I know you're playing Devil's advocate (I love to do that myself, good way to learn actually).
Good, I'm glad I didn't piss you off.

You can yell "fire" in a theater and find your butt in jail FAST.
Exactly...and I was actually going to mention that, I guess I forgot. In that case though, you are actually causing a situation that could lead to the harm of others. By causing a possible stampede, who knows what could happen?

This isn't the first time Mike has received things like this so the straw broke the camel's back years ago.
That's too bad...I would probably react the same way if this was an reccuring issue.

I'd never wish death on most anyone. Randy Moss is a classless terd but I don't want him to die.
I only save that for certain people, like my ex. I keed, I keed. I do have a great distate for her though.
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