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Default FX5900U to FX5950U Bios Flash

I've had an AsusV9950 Ultra 256 for a while now and have recently finally got my whole system cranking after flashing the Bios to FX5950U.

During this process I've tried both the AsusV9980U bios and Leadtek A380U bios and with both, sometimes I get a sort of faint crosshatching near the centre of the display (it goes away if I flash back to 5900U bios) - this doesn't bother me but does anyone know if there's a 5950U bios that won't make this happen AND be compatible with Coolbits? (see below).

As a matter of interest, it seems to me that Coolbits is not compatible with Asus bios - on my system there is DRASTIC slowdown in 3D graphics if I enable Coolbits while the card is running either V9950U or V9980U bios. Also, with Asus bios coolbits doesn't bring up the automatic overclocking option.

The system runs happy and shows the automatic overclock option with the Leadtek A380U bios.

My 3DMark03 score is now 6511 (6350 before the bios flash) and the temps are great - they are at about 70 degrees C immediately after playing HL2 or Far Cry or running 3DMark03 and otherwise sit at about 47 degrees C - prior to the flash it would sit at over 50 normally and be about 74 after 3D being under load. This is all with overclock set to automatic.

- FarCry runs sweet at 1024x768 with High and Very High settings and HL2 is also smooth at 1024x768 and high settings plus 2xAA (these games ran fine before too but are noticeably better now).
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