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Default Re: FX5900U to FX5950U Bios Flash

Originally Posted by Fahim
I think your card is not capable of running with 5950U bios. If u can achieve 5950U speed by overclocking, i suggest you mod your default bios to the same speed as 5950U.
I should have explained:
Asus V9950U is FX5900U
Asus V9980U is FX5950U
Leadtek A380U is FX5950U

The card is running fine with Leadtek A380U (FX5959U) bios and returning higher benchmarks with auto overclocking than I was getting with it in it's original Asus V9950U (FX5900U) configuration at the highest overclock I could get it to (because temperatures with A380U bios are much better).

My only problem is this slight faint crosshatch pattern that can be seen sometimes near the centre of the display - it's not really something that bothers me but I'd be interested to know if anyone else has this with a reflashed 5900U>5950U bios and if there might be a 5950U bios that doesn't do this on an Asus V9950U card.
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