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Originally Posted by MikeC
Supeklye there were PM's that I received that was the deciding factor about Qballs.

Lfctony being a webmaster doesn't not mean you have to take threats or have to tolerate abusive threats through my forum PM's. I'm not here to babysit punks that think the world owes them and I am their punching bag. I am just like the rest of you here to enjoy myself and learn, not endure racial slurs and threats against myself and home.
Exactly! The short sightedness of his posts is that he assumes Mike is alone in this. This isn't true. Plenty of us will help Mike out in any way possible ESPECIALLY when it comes to death threats. I don't know about some of you but I know most of us vets here will see to it that Mike's website is not trashed and that it continues to provide the good service that it provides.

I do hope you turn this over to the authorities Mike. This punk needs to be procecuted and spend time in jail if found guilty.

Mike and I are family men and I know he as well as I will do anything to protect our families. There are too many "unhealthy" people out there with computers who think that life is created in their little heads. Well reality is that people on the other end of the line are real and they do matter. This type of behavior is the EXACT reason why I don't BS much about puters on forums and expecially video cards.

None of this is about who is right or wrong wrt to video cards. It is about what you like and what you are willing to pay for. The rest is just too far for me to travel.
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