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Default Re: 5700LE, Looking for more info!

Oh, and the reason why your framerate tops out at 85 in counterstrike is probably because vsync is on in the nvidia control panel or in the game settings (most likely in the game settings...and in the old counterstrike I think this setting is hidden somewhere...can't remember)...I'm assuming your refresh rate is set to I correct? And if your system encounters a part of the game where it can't push out a framerate of will automatically drop to half of your refresh rate with vsync on...which explains your drop to 41 fps...roughly. If you turn off vsync you may get framerates higher than 85 sometimes and the framerate won't drop in half when the action gets heavy...but you might also get some graphic tearing on the screen which is very annoying to some that's your preference. I have vsync on in some games and not in others...just depends. Sounds like the card is giving you some decent performance though so that's great...congratulations!
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