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Thanks folks ! Brilliant responses.
Am going with the rpms for now but even a I type this my modem is squirting down the source packages as well.

Tried the advice re 'choosing the chooser' and I get a size mismatch on the download... bummer.
Have looked in the script I do have (never seen one before thats how much of a linux newbie I am..) and its obvious enough how it comes up with the name of a module that doesn't exist - weird way to code something 'specific' I gotta say.

Anyway when downloads complete will re boot into Suse and give 'em a wizz.

Then after I have et up firewall/iptables/intrusion detection/ cookie management/antivirus/junkbuster proxy/mail and auto dialing i may just try using suse for all my net needs. (yep am usng a 'Bill' system to do this update - not for too much longer I hope).

Will post results for those that follow.

Once again, many thanks.

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