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Originally Posted by Tr1cK
I wonder how I managed to pull of the exact same #5 as you in your first test Night? What does #5 do?
the tests:

Test #1.. bitmap rescaling using NEAREST sampling.. (fully software)
Test #2.. bitmap rescaling using LINEAR sampling.. (also fully software)
Test #3.. fills to the memory
Test #4.. Translucency rendering 640x480 bitmap on a 1024x768 framebuffer (50%)
Test #5.. Renders 8000 texts into the framebuffer using a bitmap font.

cool part of it is that different brand of CPU results in completely different rates:

example: (Xp2600+ vs P4 2.4Ghz/533)

AthlonXP 2600+@stock, 1024MB DDR400@DDR333
Test #1 score: 336 fps
Test #2 score: 252 fps
Test #3 score: 194 fps
Test #4 score: 410 fps
Test #5 score: 28469 fps

This system scores a g-mark score of: 1557

Intel Pentium IV 2.4Ghz @ 2.4Ghz, 1024MB DDR333
Test #1 score: 421 fps
Test #2 score: 128 fps
Test #3 score: 248 fps
Test #4 score: 505 fps
Test #5 score: 14209 fps (p4 does very bad compared to an Athlon in this test)

This system scores a g-mark score of: 1335

it seems the P4 scores good in the bad-ass memory filling department and the Athlon system scores extremely well in the fast-randomly into the memory accesses.

scores designated in red are slower compared to the rival. green is faster. this makes me wonder how a Pentium IV 3.2Ghz/800 will score? and prescott vs Northwood (512kB/1M cache). even ClawHammer with 1M cache vs NewCastle/Winchester with 512kB cache..

I am wondering how much influence cache has on the score.
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