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Question 31.23 Ok - 41.91 Bad

I've installed the nv drivers version 31.23 (RPM) on this system:
- Athlon XP 1800+
- Epox mobo w chipset VIA KT266a
- GeForce 3 ti200 (Abit Siluro)
- kernel 2.4.18 (red hat 7.3)
- Xfree 4.0.2
they work very well.

when I try to install the new version 41.91 (I'm sure I've downloaded the right RPMs) X server started hanging on startup returning the error:
-no displays found-
So I had to come back to the older drivers (now they are working well as before).
It's very strange that a new version doesn't work when the old works perfectly.
Anyone has an idea?
thanks for help.

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