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Question Performance problems

I have had some issues with Nvidia card performance. I have three different systems with Nvidia cards in them. A dell inspiron 8200 640MBDDR (geForce 4 go), Pent 3 733Mhz 512 MB pc133(goForce 2 MX 400), and an AMD 1333 Mhz 256MBDDR (Geforce 4 440 MX, Geforce 2 MX400). Now the performance on the Laptop and Pent 3 systems seems fine, but on the AMD the performance seem to be sub-par. I have tried both the 3123 and 4191 drivers on the AMD system, and don't seem to get any improvement. The geForce 4 440 upgrade only seems to get me about 8 more frames per second over the geForce 2. Even though I enabled FastWrite on GeForce 4 and never did for geforce 2.

here is a link to benchmark test results, and system setup for all three system.

Any help would be great.

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