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Originally posted by Quinn1981
I think its absurd for anyone to think that 1280x1024 is some kind of wrong, screwy, gay resolution. Why would it be an option then? There are many other resoltions that aren't at the "TRADITIONAL" aspect ratio, and there shall be more. (ie. 1600x1024, 1920x1080, 1920x1200; all from the list all modes menu on an nVidia card) There's even 720x480 that's used for NTSC video. The more you look around the world the more strange resolutions there are.

If you want to know why I use it; there's two reasons:
1: It offers more workspace which I need doing my work.
2: It's not as blurry as 1600x1200 on my monitor.

You know, it is a stupid resolution. Why else would the entire industry support it and so many people make use of it?

It's just a bunch of pexils at a 1.25 ratio. Seems like a pretty solid and cool ratio to me, much unlike that gay 1.33 ratio. (just kidding)

Who am I kidding? I can't read all this scewed text. (kidding again)

EDIT: Oh yes, and I use Photoshop 6 all the time and have never had any scewed work or problems drawing circles. There are tool options that help you draw or make perfect square shapes. You simply make the project the size you need it to be when you print it out.

The resolution is just a viewing window size into your puter.

Your experiment is useless because you made it a stretched backround. You stretched it. Of course it's going to do that when the resolution is not at a 4:3(1.33) ratio.

Now that is a very valid reason why someone would use a resolution. We see different pros and cons in everything.
You're right, forget the stretching.

Without resizing your monitor properly go and make a 50x50 pixel selection area in 1280x1024 and tell me what shape it is. If you resize it properly the 50x50 box will be square, but the picture will NOT fill your monitor...go try some monitor calibrating software sometime. You'll see what I mean. People don't understand that non 4:3 ratio resolutions ARE fine...but you MUST resize your picture properly not just so it fills the entire screen. Letterbox resolutions are a perfect example of this.
Here's my clever comment
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