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Default Re: nvidia direct3d libs + wine?

Originally posted by luked
Surely these would be vastly superior to the (incomplete) translation-to-opengl layer from transgaming?
Perhaps, but they will very likely not be superior to OpenGL itself.

Plus, nVidia will be the only people developing them, because frankly, no one else (developer-wise) really cares. Which means they will be buggy for quite some time.

Also, nVidia doesn't have the source for DirectAnything. Microsoft is the only company that holds that. In order to write something that can serve D3D requests (for example) well (well being, of course, the key word), you really need source.

My point is, nVidia has other things that are keeping its Linux developers busy at the moment, so they won't really be able to put anywhere near as many developers on it as Transgaming can. Plus, Transgaming already has quite a considerable head start. When they're the only developers, as well, it really makes no sense, as far as I can see...

nVidia has libraries that interface to D3D, but they're really from the backend of D3D to their hardware. The D3D translation (from the frontend to backend) is what's important.

Given the length of time the OGL drivers have been in existence as well, it seems quite unlikely to me...

Plus, OpenGL is far superior. COM sucks, I'm sorry. It just does. And DX is based entirely on COM.
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