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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

There is a difference between having issues with the game and low performance. I myself have ZERO technical issues with the game. I nolonger crash and I never had the stutter problem others had. Im not getting 60FPS and my FPS does drop when there are many NPC's or im in town but these are performance drops due to my settings being higher then recommened. If I wanted I could lower the settings and play with high FPS all the time, by why do that just so I can get high FPS in a town when I don't need High FPS? Nothing happens in a town and im there so rarely that its pointless.

Chopping up do to the game loading is not the same as stuttering, stuttering is the game locking up for acouple seconds for no apperent reason. This happens to people when there the only one on screen and just standing there, thats stuttering. Dips in performance are not, these are the game stressing your hardware.

BTW, Extreme Quality is for 512MB Cards. I play at 1600x1200 @ High Quality, just fine with acouple dips in FPS in towns (like I said earlier) but when in any other area, I can group and run around smooth as butter.
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