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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter
I do get performance drops here and there especially in the city when lots of people on the screen...but really not that bad at all..tolerable..and great for the graphics.

Does it run smooth as butter? Like it is a MMORPG...a lot more going on there...most of the perforamnce drops i get is due to only having 1 GB ram and swapping to hard drive...

all acceptable for me...the graphics are just so stunning for me that I can deal with drops here and there in city since i am not really fighitng there anyway.

everyone has different tolerances for performance...but to me none of these are issues...just limitations of my hardware..

It IS an issue though Ghosthunter. Before November 12th's patch, the 6800s were running fine. Something in that patch f'ed up the 68x cards bad. You can't say that that's the performance you can expect from such a demanding game because two year Mr. Radeon 9700 Pro is running at high quality with the same FPS that 6800s are in high performance. So it's not because my system isn't strong enough, it's because the programmers either added or took something out that messed up the cards ability to run the game the way it should on such a new card
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