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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

I'm not complaining about stuttering, I'm complaining that the 400+ dollar video card I have barely performs at the same level in the game as my 3 year old 9700pro that I gave to my kid brother after upgradeing.

Saying "it works fine for me" doesn't mean your card is working any better than those complaining, it just means you don't have the point of reference to tell how your nice new card isn't performing as it should be. My game looks fine, and it's playable. What's got me a little miffed is it also looks just as fine, and is basically just as playable using the 9700pro as it is on my 6800GT.

All the talk about how this game is written to max out next generation hardware pretty much shows you there is a problem, in that the temp of my 6800 drops much lower than I'm used to seeing at full load while playing this game. If I had to guess, I'd say the game isn't making full use of the 6800 series GPU, and forcing the main cpu to do something the GPU can handle much more effectivly. If EQ2's graphic engine was really stressing the card then you would see the GPU's temp much higher.

I have no problems in HL2, Doom3, Warcraft, or any other app. If I didn't know better from having access to my old card I probably wouldn't think I had any issues in EQ2 as well, just that that is the way it is.
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