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Lightbulb Re: Dell 2005FP (20.1" / 16:10) LCD for $559 Today only!!!

Ok, got my 2005FPW Wednesday!

* Revision A01, January 2005.
* No backlight problem. (pretty uniform black).
* No dead pixels. (crosses fingers & hope none shows up)

This is a really sexy looking LCD, I just love the design. It goes great with my all black setup (case, speakers, KB, mouse).
My desk looks like it lost alot of weight, I have so much room now its great.

When I first turned on the LCD it was so bright! They have the Brightness set to 100.
I currently have it at 25 and its still bright but I guess coming from a CRT my eyes will just have to adjust.
I'm currently trying to calibrate the colors to get the right balance.

I've played HL2, DOOM3 & Quake3 (yes I still play Q3). Q3 @ 1680x1050, HL2 @ 1280x800, D3 @ 1280x800.
I had to add 1280x800 using NVidia control panel (65.73 Drivers).
HL2 is really impressive with this LCD, I spent alot of time just wandering around looking at all the sharp, detailed textures.
The sharpness is what really jumps out for me, I mean everything has so much more detail now. I'm noticing alot of little details in HL2 that I missed with my 19inch crt.

I'm very happy I made the jump to LCD.
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