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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

Nerfs happen in EVERY MMORPG. Just because you think your class is great, doesn't mean that is what the developer intended it to be like. Maybe they weakened the classes because the game over all was a cake walk?

Heck, SOE most of the time now is just increase dmg output on the mobs, most of the group mobs in EQ2 got a nice boost... sucks for soloers and they see it as a nerf on thier content but SOE never intended on group mobs being for soloers. That is the reason thet give "group experiance bonus" becuase they are ment to be faught with a group.

I really don't care about nerfs, I usually shrug them off... I mean heck I was a cleric in EQ1... they were nerfed all the time...
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