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Default Re: World of Nerfcraft.

My 33 shaman is nowhere near overpowered. Balanced yes. Shaman can not do any one thing well, but they can do a little of everything. We cant tank cause we cant wear the armor and use shields as effectively. We cant be pure casters cause our mana isnt that high and spells dont do as much dmg. People just complain about shamans because they can handle any situation somewhat, just not as well as some other classes can.

I have heard where paladins wipe the floor with warriors, which should not be true. The paladin should be roughly equal to a cleric type class imo. I think they need to nerf on them and rogues if anybody. Everywhere you turn there is a high level rogue or paladin. Why? Because they are the most powerful 2 classes. I havent played either one, I am just going from what I have seen in the game.

I do think there needs to be some faction wide nerfing or buffing. The alliance typically outnumbers the horde 5 to 1. There needs to be a lil boost to the faction that is the underdog, something to give it more appeal. I will say I am never playing alliance as long as the factions are that far out of balance.
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