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Default Re: Dell 2005FP (20.1" / 16:10) LCD for $559 Today only!!!

Originally Posted by Burpy
Ok, got my 2005FPW Wednesday!

* Revision A01, January 2005.
* No backlight problem. (pretty uniform black).
* No dead pixels. (crosses fingers & hope none shows up)

This is a really sexy looking LCD, I just love the design. It goes great with my all black setup (case, speakers, KB, mouse).
My desk looks like it lost alot of weight, I have so much room now its great.

When I first turned on the LCD it was so bright! They have the Brightness set to 100.
I currently have it at 25 and its still bright but I guess coming from a CRT my eyes will just have to adjust.
I'm currently trying to calibrate the colors to get the right balance.

I've played HL2, DOOM3 & Quake3 (yes I still play Q3). Q3 @ 1680x1050, HL2 @ 1280x800, D3 @ 1280x800.
I had to add 1280x800 using NVidia control panel (65.73 Drivers).
HL2 is really impressive with this LCD, I spent alot of time just wandering around looking at all the sharp, detailed textures.
The sharpness is what really jumps out for me, I mean everything has so much more detail now. I'm noticing alot of little details in HL2 that I missed with my 19inch crt.

I'm very happy I made the jump to LCD.
Awesome congrats man! Guess I'll be calling to get the new revision The monitor is very sharp as well as bright, the specs don't lie, heh. The Nvidia drivers have a sharpness setting within the driver cpl but have you tried adjusting the sharpness using the menu on the monitor itself? Its makes the text look even better. Make sure you run the "display optimization" wizard in the nv driver though and check out the PiP and PBP features if you get a chance or even happen to have digital HD cable.

Hey Rip, considering the delays you'll probably get a Jan revision but the easiest way to find out is just by looking at the sticker on the back of the monitor at the very bottom middle. The revision is noted above the barcode. Btw, you may wanna call ahead and just have DHL leave your shipment at the depot.
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