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Default Re: Dell 2005FP (20.1" / 16:10) LCD for $559 Today only!!!

Originally Posted by Burpy
When I first turned on the LCD it was so bright! They have the Brightness set to 100.
I currently have it at 25 and its still bright but I guess coming from a CRT my eyes will just have to adjust.
I'm currently trying to calibrate the colors to get the right balance.
Burpy makes a very good observation that I learned about from my Plasma purchase. The Out of the Box settings on most plasmas and LCDs are for in store display/office conditions under insane lighting. If you are seeing the backlight issues, try toning down the brightness to a point where white text on a black background no longer "blooms". Than adjust upwards to compensate for room brightness and balance color levels with black levels. A small amount of blooming is natural for your eye to see, but if the letters look like they have a halo, not good.

Try to find a DVD with the THX set up and use the contrast/brightness test, a grayscale designed to insure eight levels of black to white are evenly displayed. Pirates of the Carribean and a few other popular titles have this test on it. Otherwise, search google for grayscale pattern and try to use a test patern to see what I mean.

On our plasma with a scale of -30 to 30, the brightness and contrast are set to -12 and -8, respectively, and our room would be considered by home theater people as "bright". After adjusting everything, I fired up a few movies with darker sceens and could not believe the difference. There is a scens in Bourne Supremacy at night on the patio and you can easily detect the subtle lighting differences and detail. Very cool.

Toning down the OOB settings will prolong the life of the backlights and reduce eye fatigue from being in a darker room with a bright display. Post results if this actually helps.

Remember, gaming darkness should be corrected in game with gamma. If its dark, its supposed to be, heh.
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