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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

My game playing rig specs are:

Athon64 3000 on DFI nforce3 MB
1GB of PDP 2-2-2-5 ram. (2x512mb)
74GB Raptor
EVGA 6800GT at 410/1100
SB Audigy2
Proc and vid card are watercooled.

I'm also an experienced PC builder/user/system engineer/geek whatever. The system is a fresh XP sp2 install with just drivers, couple benchmark apps, and 2 games, eq2, and HL2. I rebuilt the system shortly after installing eq2 to try to resolve the lack of performance. No crap in the background, no old drivers, etc.

really 1000's of people are experience? why is it everyone i know who has 6800gt and playing EQ2 is not complaining?
That's great for them. How many people you know who has a 6800 series card? The longest thread on the official support forums is for this very issue.

I don't know about running it at 16x12, as both my systems are on 1280 LCD's.

I've pretty much decided to live with it. I'm certainly able to play the game, and I know it will get fixed eventually, just frustrating that if my ultra cheap order I had with Gatewait for a x800xt had gone through instead of being cancelled due to no availability, I wouldn't be having this problem

I've already pre-ordered a x800xl for a second pci xpress nforce4 system I'm building (more money than sense I guess), so I'll be able to directly compare the two cards side by side whenever the ATI card actually ships.
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