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Thumbs up nVidia could rule if they really wanted to.

Wll please understand I have tons of info for nVidia team members if they want them.

See I feel if their new GPU will be as powerful as they say it will be then a Movie type of name for their new GPU card might be a good idea.

Ok what I suggest nVidia do is basicly this. Get a working modle of their card that will out perfore the ATI model. Makeing it a slower than max is ok for release. Then sell it for as little as they can and make little profite per card or chip as they can. Hopeing this will sell less than the 399.99 than the ATI card will. After they have gotten some profite back from their first line then they have demo boths set up all over in Best Buy or some other US based store. EB wouold also bea selection but kinda small. Have a demo on how an end use could do CGI and how it would look. Then release a mid range card in the new year slightly more profite or if the first gen is not selling good release the next gen product at the same lowered price. Tring to get small profit per card but selling more cards to get a bigger profit. One it has gotten excpted come out with the fastest bit for the card fastest ram and core settings. This will keep the bar riseing and have something people could upgrade with some online retailers like evga or such, I am sure if there is little mark-up then the cars would still return a bigger profite.

Also most video cards lower later after they have been released. But if nVidia plays their cards right and tells them trade a compeitor's card and we will see it to you for x price. For what would normaly be a small profit and then later removeing the deal and not lowering the cards in price.

Another idiea is to release the card at a lower price for the first month then people might opt to get card quicker than normal becuase it would be more expencive the secound month. Store could issue rain check for when cards are not in stock and or pre-orders so custoers could get it at the lower price. What ever you can to get a larg number of cards sold at the begining. Later releasing the next line of cards and have retailers do an exchange and the card they are exchangeing would be the first gen card that willl only go up in price that customer would repurchase at a higher price tag. So the cards would be lower in price the first month of release. I think it would incouriage better sales open release.

Ok theory and how it works to clearify myself.

I will call the card Pantera 1 and so on.

Ok Pantera 1 sells for 249.99 on dabeu first month
total destination cost would be 215. Like the Ti 4200 but came out first.

Next month after the Pantera 1 rases it's price to 289.99 or so the Pantera 2 comes out at 299.95 total destination cost would be 265. People that bought the Pentera 1 could upgrade to the Pantera 2 for 50. Must have the origain stuff included and the card has to be in fair condition. Evga could resell these as long as they pass the test that everythign is good on them. They still will get 30 dollars profit on them after purchasing them back.

Next gen Pantera 3 comes out the very next month for 399.99. Total destionation cost being 355. Price of Pantera 2 Rases to 349.99 and people that bought the Pantera 2 can get it upgraded for 100. Still giveing the retailer 50 dollars profit. Pantera 1 ownder only get upgrade the frist month of release. and so goes the Pantera 1 to Pantera 2 cards. Now retailers could change this but later the prices will drop and would not work to well. Plus people that have the first gen card would have used it a little much more than most.

After the 399.99 release price it would then go upto 449 or 499 depending on costs that are involved. Market would then have all the cards at the price point they wanted and alot of people would have nVidia cards the Pantera line. Most saveing 20 to 100 dollars.

What do you guies thing a good idea or dumb idea. Hey I don't mind there are flaws in everything just though I would share an idea with everyone.

I know don't have to tell me I am a dreamer.
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