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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

on the official sony boards there's a post over 30 pages long with people who have this issue. Many people who think it runs "Fine" are in fact ignorant and think it's lag, or that it's supposed to be that way. Decide to live with it, or just don't care. High end hardware typically ends up in the hands of enthusiast, but because so many non-enthusiast play EverQuest 1/2. (Some of these people think the mouse is a foot pedal to turn on the computer) And sony promoted Nvidia hardware, 6800 specifically for months, alot of computer illiterate people have purchased 6800's and they probably think it's runing fine and dandy, because they are ignorant and don't know better. I think almost everyone has this issue, some ignore it, some live with it, some to ignorant to know what it is, some don't even notice it, and the minority that knows what the hell they are doing is left standing going wtf?

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