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Default computer beeps when gaming

hi, i have a nvidia 5900 ultra 256. I overclocked by card to the hights/ safe's mark possiable. I played for about 4 days. than i became to reliaze that while playing a game called FarCry, my computer BEEPS every 10-20 minutes ONCE. The beap sounds like a "post beap" when your computer boots up...
...I hit the "automatic overclock" and lower my overclocking by much much less. So my graphics card is barly overclocked now..... Now, it still beeps like every 20 minutes like a cmos beap when computer boots up. Also, for some reason, every once in a while, my GAME freaze's and when i press lots of buttons and wait like 20 seconds, my computer/ in game, unfreazes and i play on.

Does anybody know whats going on? My computer is virus free and spyware free.... The beeping noise started a few days after i overclocked my card. Than when i lowerd my over clocking, it still beeped and i get "game freazes" sometimes. Can anybody tell me whats going on? thanks a lot.!!!
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