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Originally Posted by fraggenstien
Do no other nvidia geforce FX owners care but me that their cards wont be able to play Half Life 2 with all the DX9 effects turned on, after we spent our hard earned cash on these NEXT GEN supposedly DX 9 cards. After all we got them to play doom 3 and HL 2 on did'nt we?. Have we been ripped off?, will nvidia release drivers so we will get all the effects(at good speeds) before the game is released?,is any one else P***ed off?.
I really couldnt care less to be honest m8. Sure we was promised DX9 compatabilty when we bought our hardware, but I dont plan on loosing any sleep over it. Besides its very rare hardware lives upto the hype it gets, not to mention the difference in HL2 is so low its pathetic.

So no, I dont care really.
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